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Taking the stress out of cleaning steps and driveways

Ian Barnfield was asked so often if he knew of a company that cleaned drives and other large hardstandings he set up his own business, Drive Clean UK, with his wife Jess.

If you've ever tried cleaning ingrained dirt from a driveway or moss from the decking in your garden, you'll know what a hard job it is. Whether you scrub with a brush, or blast away with a pressure washer, it's a time consuming task and the end result often doesn't repay your efforts.

Knowing this, it's no surpise that the services of a new business called Drive Clean UK, which was started by Ian Barnfield and his wife Jess 18 months ago, are in great demand.

Based in Andoversford, the company has rapidly gained a customer base that includes blue chip companies, schools and colleges (The Ladies' College is a regular client), nursing homes, commercial premises, local councils, sports grounds and private homeowners.

The fact that virtually all this business has come by word of mouth recommendation from satisfied customers says a great deal about the quality of the service. But where did the idea come from?
"I've been in the construction industry for about ten years - Coln Construction is run by Ian and Jess - and I was quite often asked by customers we worked for if I knew of a firm that could clean drives, hardstandings, tennis courts and so on," recalled Ian.

"So I realised there was a demand for this kind of service and researched the market, invested in the best available equipment and set up Drive Clean UK"

The highly specialist cleaning service uses state of the art equipment that cleans any type of hard surface at high pressure from fast rotating jets. The equipment doesn't need a mains supply, so can be used in virtually any location.

Biodegradable additives can be introduced into the cleaning solution for specific tasks, such as cleaning and sanitising drives and patios that have been flooded, as Ian explained.

"With our environmentally-friendly systems, we can effectively remove moss and algae from tennis courts, as we did recently for Northleach Tennis Club, making them clean and safe to play on. We can do the same in any situation where a slippery surface could give rise to accidents and perhaps resuilt in a liability action.

"And if people are selling there homes and have block paving or patio which needs a new lease of life, we can do that as well."

Drive Clean UK is an insurance company approved contractor and provides a graffiti elimination service for which Cotswold District Council is a customer.

Chewing gum removal is another service that's been introduced more recently and one that has been employed by pavement cafes and pub forecourts amoung other users - some on an ad hoc basis, ohters on a regular maintenance contract.

Yet, another area of expertise is the restoration of block paved driveways. This involves removing all weeds and cleaning the drive to its "as new" appearance, then re-sanding between blocks and sealing the entire surface to inhibit the future growth of unwanted weeds and provide protection from oil and other spills.

"The range of work we're asked to do increases all the time ," said Ian.

"We were recently called in to clean the interior of a smoked damaged building following a fire. We welcome enquiries."